Acquiring high electrical voltages and mechanical measured quantities in parallel

The development of the high volt signal conditioner SCM-HV means that both electrical voltages and mechanical measuring quantities can now be acquired in parallel.

The data acquisition system QuantumX has established itself very rapidly as a highly-flexible solution wherever mechanical, hydraulic and thermal measuring quantities need to be determined. The newly developed high volt signal conditioner SCM-HV means that high electrical voltages can now be converted so that they can be acquired in parallel with all other quantities. Corresponding data are processed together, saving time and costs.

The high volt signal conditioner SCM-HV for QuantumX meets the EN61010 directive and thus the specifications for IEC measurement category 2 up to 300 Volt. Signals of up to 500 Volt can also be acquired by measurements outside the category. When coupled with QuantumX, data rates of up to 100 kS/sec per channel can be set. SCM-HV, the new supplementary product in the QuantumX family, is positioned in the accuracy class 0.05 within a temperature range of -20° to +60° C. HBM now offers the appropriate solution for each IEC category with this logical step. QuantumX has now become the universal measurement data acquisition system for all physical measuring quantities with this supplementary product.

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