How to ... work with ClipX!

ClipX is  a precise and easy-to-integrate signal conditioner ideally suited for industrial applications. The following technical articles describe in detail how to operate ClipX under different scenarios.

If you are having questions, do not hesitate to contact HBM for further support.

Indirect Force Measurement with ClipX

This Tech Note gives you an example on how to measure indirect force using ClipX. In this example the press model consists of two strain sensors (SLB) mounted to the left and right leg of a metal frame. Additionally, there is a force sensor (U3) under the punch of the press in the middle. The strain sensors are scaled via the force sensor as reference. So, in fact the pressing force is determined by measuring the strain in the force bypass (indirect force measurement).

Mobile Configuration via Wlan with ClipX

This Tech Note provides you with an example where a limit switch is set up and monitored using a mobile device. The ClipX Web-GUI has responsive design, which means, that depending on the resolution of your device, it is adjusted in a way to serve the best usability. Therefore, it is quite easy to set up the device with a mobile phone or tablet via WLAN.

Calculating Resulting Force with ClipX

This application is about localizing a force and calculating its result value on a plane surface. Therefore, three force sensors are mounted on the bottom of a circular plate. The raw signals from the sensors are further processed by three ClipX measurement amplifiers. Those communicate with each other through the ClipX bus technology. The devices are set up with the ClipX Web-GUI.

MCS Matrix Compensation with ClipX

HBM's custom-made sensors measure force [N] and torque [Nm] in any degree of freedom and are called multicomponent sensors (MCS) or multi-axis transducers. Together with the sensor a so called compensation matrix is delivered, which defines the cross-talk or cross influence between the components. This Tech Note gives you an example on how to calculate with such a matrix.