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Load cells and weighing electronics for the food industry

Food production is all about efficiency while meeting customer demands and fulfilling national and international hygiene standards. Freshness and shelf life are becoming increasingly important. A hygienic production environment is an absolute prerequisite. Whether in dosing, filling, or mixing, the industrial handling of food goes hand in hand with reliable, user-friendly technology and equipment that is easy to clean.

HBK is a member of the European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group (EHEDG) and is actively involved in advancing hygiene standards for the food industry. Our portfolio includes two EHEDG-certified platform load cells designed for integration into hygienically demanding environments. In addition, HBK weighing indicators and electronics are proven in the optimization of checkweighing or batching processes, among others. With matching cables, accessories, and software solutions from Hottinger Brüel & Kjær, a complete measurement solution can easily be realized from a single source.

Advantages of HBK weighing components

Easy to clean

  • Solutions for various hygiene requirements
  • Housing without corners and edges
  • Well-thought-out designs for all components including accessories

Durable and robust

  • IP68/69K degree of protection
  • Hermetically encapsulated sensors
  • Made of stainless-steel

Flexible and efficient

  • Product portfolio covering a wide range of capacities
  • Analogue and digital load cells
  • Specialized electronics and software

The ideal load cell for your food industry application

Just like other sectors, the food industry is undergoing an increasing transformation towards automation. Cleaning procedures are also often automated, placing special demands on plants and components as disassembly must be avoided.

Easy to clean – without corners and edges

Machine downtime and the associated costs can only be reduced if all relevant components in a plant are easy to clean. A stainless-steel housing, designed without sharp corners and edges, prevents contamination. Liquids just roll off and do not leave any residue – as is the case with the PW25, PW27, PW27A, PW37P and Z6R load cells.

Especially hygienic: EHEDG-certified load cells

EHEDG certification and IP68/IP69k protection make the PW27A and PW37P series load cells ideal for the filling, packaging, or weighing of foodstuffs. Other user benefits include built-in overload protection (PW27A), industry-standard dimensions and attached plug for easy installation (PW37P).

Increase productivity – with digital load cells

IoT enables the food and packaging industries to achieve major efficiency and productivity gains. In addition to its simplified operation, digital weighing technology in particular offers enormous potential for determining quantities quickly and precisely and processing measurement data at high speeds, which can lead to high savings in dynamic weighing applications.

Electronics complementing the measurement chain perfectly

To implement smart weighing solutions, measurement chains need the latest interfaces, filters, and algorithms, as well as fast and reliable data transmission and diagnostics with legal-for-trade resolution. HBK weighing electronics are also easy to use due to their network-compatible PC software or integrated web servers.

Fast and easy connection to the digital world

The PAD digital transducer electronics offer a low-cost, plug-and-play entry into the digital world and can be installed near the sensor or in the control cabinet. The stainless-steel housing protects against liquids and dirt. The PAD can be conveniently integrated into various systems via RS485 and CANopen interfaces.

Communicative, future-proof and EHEDG-compliant

The DSE sensor electronics are suitable for highly dynamic, automated weighing and automation applications. It has PROFINET and EtherCAT interfaces, an intuitive web interface, and can be installed and commissioned in record speed. A hygienic design, high accuracy, and the transmission of up to 2,000 measured values per second are additional benefits.

Weighing terminals: the powerful and robust all-round solution

WTX weighing terminals are suitable for static, dynamic, and legal-for-trade applications, have user-friendly colour displays and can be quickly set up using the free PanelX software. WTX110 is preferable for industries with strict hygiene requirements and is also suitable for digital sensors, while WTX120 has Industrial Ethernet and fieldbus interfaces.

Flexible software solutions

Software facilitates the setup, use and troubleshooting of the sensors and amplifiers used. The focus should be on flexibility, connectivity, and user-friendliness, as well as suitability for the respective application.

PanelX weighing software

PanelX offers a convenient way to parameterize your HBK products and has an intuitive user interface especially tailored to the requirements of weighing applications.

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Other software options

In addition to the established software PanelX, HBK has developed various innovative software solutions for the visualization, parameterization, measurement data acquisition and service of our industrial and weighing electronics: Choose between APIs, apps, or web servers.

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Weighing applications in the food industry

Load cells and weighing components from Hottinger Brüel & Kjær have been established in almost all areas of food production, processing, or control for decades, making us a reliable partner for businesses operating in or for the food industry.

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