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Fréquence propre d’un capteur de force

  Mardi 19 mai, 2020       02:30 PM CET       online

Chaque capteur de force a sa propre fréquence propre, qui peut être atténuée selon les pièces et chargse qui lui sont rajoutées.

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Webinars in English

Setting up Measuring Amplifiers Safely with TEDS

In this webinar we will explain how TEDS works and how you can benefit from the advantages of experimenting for your production monitoring.

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High-voltage pantograph overhead-line monitoring

In this webinar you will learn the best method to measure regularly operated railway vehicles as well as the advantges of modern optical interrogators.

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An Introduction to Shaker testing

In this webinar you will learn about shaker systems. This webinar will also provide an overview of how LDS Shaker Systems came to be as well as an introduction in to vibration testing and more.

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Accelerate Decision Making

  Wednesday, May 13, 2020       10:00 AM ET / 04:00 PM CET  

This webinar will reveal how engineers can rapidly get actionable insights from large quantities of sensor data using nCode software, including A live demonstration of Aqira and nCodeDS.

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Structural Health Monitoring With Optical Tech

  Wednesday, May 13, 2020       02:00 PM CET    

In this webinar we will introduce to you the way we reinvented optical technology by integrating the technology into one of our key data acquisition platforms, the QuantumX. 

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Hygienic Dynamic Weighing

Learn more about our weighing portfolio for dynamic applications, new amplifiers, and how to effectively filter environmental disturbances.

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An Introduction to Electric Power Measurement

This webinar will discuss topics such as cycle based power calculations versus averaging, dynamic power and fundamental power. 

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Electric Motors 101 for N&V Engineers

  Wednesday,  June 10, 2020       3:00 PM CET    

  Wednesday,  June 10, 2020       2:00 PM ET     

This webinar, we will provide an understanding of the basic physics and technology used in modern electric vehicles (explained at a high level).

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Improve the Accuracy of your Force Measurement

  Wednesday,  June 24, 2020       3:00 PM CET    

  Wednesday,  June 24, 2020       2:00 PM ET     

In this webinar, you will learn an easy way to estimate the uncertainty of a force measurement using real examples.

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