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Connecting Force Transducers to Instruments Correctly

  Tuesday, September 17, 2019       10:00 AM CEST       online

Learn the important things about the electrical connection of load cells to your instruments. Which cable is suitable for my measurement? What is the difference between the 4-wire and the 6-wire connection?
We will explain some basic technologies and give some practical guidelines in addition.

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Smart Signal Conditioners versus PLC - Comparison

  Wednesday, September 18, 2019       10:00 AM CEST       online

In the 30-minute webinar, the technical abilities of modern measuring amplifiers and signal conditioners are compared with PLC control solutions.

Where is the journey taking us in measurement and control technology, what are the sticking points, and what should you consider in order to have long term success.

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How-To: Create and Use Compensation Matrixes

  Wednesday, September 18, 2019       02:00 PM CEST       online

Learn what crosstalk is, how compensation matrixes can be created and how they can be used in HBM’s amplifiers and software. An interesting mixture of some theoretical basics combined with several integration examples.

Additionally a few samples showing the successful usage of HBM’s Multicomponent Sensors and amplifiers will round up the content of this helpful webinar.

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Design a Flawless Optical Measurement System

  Thursday, September 19, 2019       02:00 PM CEST       online

There are three compulsory components on a complete measurement system: sensors, data acquisition units and software. This is not different when using the optical technology. But when should one opt for optical?

Register for this 30 minutes webinar and find out all the advantages of the HBM optical solutions.

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