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Electric Aircraft Powertrain Testing

  Tuesday, January 21, 2020       2:00 PM ET       online

Electric aircraft have a number of challenges when it comes to powertrain testing because there are different elements than would be found in an electric car powertrain. Many test stands and data acquisition systems are designed for power lines or automotive testing and result in a complex testing environment. This webinar will discuss some of the unique challenges involved with testing electric propellers including test stands, efficiency testing, vibration, and large system correlation. The webinar will highlight how these unique challenges can be managed with the eDrive Power analyzer system to make a test stand flexible for a variety of needs.

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Noise & Vibration in Electric Machines

  Tuesday,  February 18, 2020       2:00 PM ET       online

Electrification has changed how we experience a vehicle’s noise and how the vibration effects the durability of parts. This webinar will discuss what causes noise and vibration in electric machines, how electrical and mechanical signals are correlated, how simultaneous testing of electrical and NVH signals can speed up testing, mapping NVH against motor controls, end of line testing and more. 

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In Vehicle Electric Power Measurements II

  Tuesday,  March 24, 2020       2:00 PM ET       online

This webinar will review the topics presented in “In Vehicle Electric Power Measurement Part I” which include the challenges, dynamic testing, examples as well as discuss some of the techniques and best practices for doing an effective in vehicle project.

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What you need to know about our webinars

  • What is a webinar?
    The word webinar is a combination of web and seminar: A webinar, as the name implies, is an online seminar, presentation, course or - in some cases - discussion, that aims at teaching the attendees something about the webinar topic.
  • How can I attend one of the HBM webinars?
    Choose a webinar from the list. Click on the title to be directed to a subpage with information on the event and a registration button or directly to the registration page in our online webinar center, called WebEx. Follow the instructions to register for the webinar.
  • Which hardware do I need to attend a webinar?
    You need a computer with an internet connection and speakers or a headset to listen to the presentation.
  • What happens if I have technical problems during the webinar?
    No problem: During the webinar, you can address the presenter or the moderator via the Q&A feature. Your problem will be solved instantly.
  • Can I ask questions during the webinar?
    You can use the Q&A feature to ask questions, which will be answered after the presentation.
  • Do I need to pay for HBM webinars?
    No, all our webinars are free.
  • What if I register, but miss the webinar?
    If you cannot attend the webinar, you usually get the chance to watch a recording of the webinar on HBM.com a few days later. If you're registered, you will also receive an email with more information after the webinar.

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