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HBM offers free live and recorded webinars presented by our industry experts, covering a wide range of topics. Our webinars are available at different times around the world - register now for these webinars during a time that best fits your schedule. We look forward to seeing you online. 

What’s New in Perception v8.30

  Tuesday, August 16, 2022       01:00 PM EST / 07:00 PM CEST      online

This webinar will discuss the new features and include a live demo.  A few topics that will be discussed is the harmonic analysis according to IEC 61000-4-7, CAN remote control, measurement uncertainty, increased number of real-time results calculated and stored and improved eDrive Mapping.

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Obtain Fast and Accurate Results For Any eDrive Test

  Monday, August 22, 2022       01:00 PM EST / 07:00 PM CEST       online

This webinar will cover key techniques on how to obtain fast and accurate results for any eDrive test, significantly improving productivity, capability and research and development. 

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Advanced Structural Health Monitoring: Must-haves

  Tuesday, September 20, 2022       04:00 PM CET | 10:00 AM EST       online

Monitoring the condition of structures by observing strain over time is key to  profitable and safe use. In this webinar, we'll show you how to easily overcome challenges and what is needed to ensure reliable and high-quality data to work with.

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Measuring Torque Ripple Accurately

  Wednesday, October 12, 2022       07:00 PM CET | 01:00 AM EST       online

This webinar will focus on the details of torque in electric machines, specifically torque ripple. We will discuss what torque ripple is, when to look for it, how to measure it, why it’s important and some of its effects.

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Safe Temperature Measurements

  Wednesday, November 23, 2022       04:00 PM CET | 10:00 AM EST       online

In this webinar, we will show you the possibilities for high-quality temperature measurements in harsh environments. Learn about easy implementation regarding multipoint temperature measurements of fully passive and dielectric systems.

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15-Minute Lunch & Learn: Electric Power Testing

  Live and on-demand sessions    

Grab a cup of coffee, turn on the volume, and join our experts during one of our 15 minute online lunch & learn meetings! Sign up for free to three interesting topics on electric power testing.

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Electric Power Testing Test Center

Power Analyzer Solution - Request a Live Demo Session

In our live demos, we will guide you through the requirements of electric power testing and power analysis. We will guide you through the hardware and software included in our eDrive power analyzer solution and answer all your questions. See you online!

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Webinars by Brüel & Kjær (part of HBK)

Introduction to End of Line Testing

  Tuesday, August 09, 2022      06:00 PM GMT      Online

In this webinar we will introduce vibro-acoustic end of line testing utilizing the Discom ROTAS system. This webinar will focus on the acoustic noise of rotating components such as engines, transmissions, axles, compressors and eDrive units. As vehicles are getting quieter the noise from these components can more easily be detected by the vehicle occupants and give a bad impression. Vibro-acoustic end of line testing can be utilized to reduce or eliminate the number of customer complaints as well as be used to determine the root cause of the issue before it ever leaves the production plant.

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Sound Intensity Measurements for Sound Power

  Tuesday, September 06, 2022      03:00 PM GMT      Online

The use of sound intensity rather than sound pressure to determine sound power means that measurements can be made in situ with steady background noise and in the near field of machines. It is above all a simple technique. 

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BK Connect™

  Tuesday, September 13, 2022      10:00 AM GMT      Online

With modern and efficient work processes, getting the job done is easy. This session provides attendees with an overview of BK Connect and an understanding of the general scope of time data post-processing. Learn how to build your own analyzer process chain and how to link several chains into a working process. Join this webinar for a thorough introduction to our data analysis software, BK Connect.

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Basic 2250 Sound Level Meter

  Tuesday, September 20, 2022      03:00 PM GMT      Online

A general introduction to the Type 2250 Sound Level Meter for users new to the instrument. It will cover using the meter to make measurements and transfer the results to a PC.

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Advanced 2250 and 2270 Sound Level Meter

  Tuesday, September 27, 2022      03:00 PM GMT      Online

Join this open forum for Type 2250 and 2270 owners to learn how to get the best from your sound level meter. Subjects covered include establishing multiple users/templates and using data in other software.

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Additional Webinars by HBM Prenscia

HBM Prenscia webinars delivered by nCode and ReliaSoft experts.

Introduction to nCode DesignLife for Fatigue of Welds

  Wednesday, August 17, 2022      11:00 AM EDT | 04:00 PM GMT      Online

Welding is a commonly used and effective method for making structural joints between metal parts. However, the nature of the welding process means that these weldments generally have a fatigue strength that is inferior to that of the parts being joined together. The result is that, even in a well-designed structure, the welded joints are likely to fatigue. Any evaluation of the durability of a welded structure must therefore place a high priority on a fatigue assessment of the welded joints.

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Maintenance Cost Optimization for a System with Assured A

  Wednesday, September 14, 2022      11:00 AM EDT | 04:00 PM GMT      Online

ReliaSoft BlockSim offers a solution that allows for sensitivity analysis, scenario planning and optimization of maintenance cost that is applicable for a wide variety of industries.

Optimizing of availability with minimizing costs is a constant challenge. With many different requirements and configurations, the outcomes of the maintenance and resources management changes can be difficult to predict. BlockSim allows correctly forecast real life scenarios, allowing you to evaluate, analyze and quickly identify bottlenecks.

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Maintenance Optimization and Production Improvement

  Wednesday, September 21, 2022      11:00 AM - 02:00 PM EDT | 10:00 AM - 01:00 PM GMT      Online

During this free 3-hour digital seminar, attendees will learn how to increase system productivity, discover industry best practices and strategies for reducing the total life cycle cost. Attendees will see how ReliaSoft software can be used to conduct RAM analysis to optimize maintenance and production.

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