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HBM offers free live and recorded webinars presented by our industry experts, covering a wide range of topics. Our webinars are available at different times around the world - register now for these webinars during a time that best fits your schedule. We look forward to seeing you online. 

Get Smart in Your Production

  Tuesday, January 19, 2021       16:00 CET | 9:00 AM CT | 10:00 AM ET       online

In this webinar you will learn how to optimize processes, reduce costs and expand productivity with the help of smart measuring amplifiers. Find out about hardware and software solutions in an IIoT context. The webinar will also include a live demo. 

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High Speed Torque & Couplings for Demanding Appli.

  Wednesday, January 20, 2021       16:00 CET | 09:00 AM CT | 10:00 AM ET       online

Increasing speed and dynamic behavior of electric drives places high demands on the test bench concepts of future electric mobility and thus on the torque transducer and couplings used.

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Innovative Monitoring

  Thursday, January 21, 2021       03:00 PM CET       online

In this webinar we would like to introduce to you innovative monitoring solutions, more precisely to measuring strain in big bolts and the monitoring of nasty cracks. This webinar is ideal for those with an interest in structural health monitoring (SHM) of assets such as offshore wind turbine generators, towers, tunnels, bridges or other structures.

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Uncertainty of Force Measurements

  Tuesday, January 26, 2021       03:00 PM CET / 02:00 PM EST      online

Learn what factors influence the accuracy of force measurements. This webinar will present an easy to use mathematical method to estimate the measurement uncertainty of a force measurement. We will also show some practical ways to improve the measurement uncertainty if required.

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Determine Measurement Uncertainties

  Thursday, January 28, 2021       17:00 CET | 10:00 AM CT | 11:00 AM ET       online

This webinar gives an overview of the specification of a power analyzer and highlights some potential and common misunderstandings. 

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Measurements with Cylindrical Strain Gauges

  Tuesday, March 23, 2021       16:00 CET | 09:00 AM CT | 10:00 AM ET       online

In this webinar you will learn how to measure with cylindrical strain gauges in bolts. We will guide you through the correct installation, how to avoid typical erros when installing cylindrical strain gauges in bolts and conclude by discussing various application examples.

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Power Analyzer Solution - Live Demo Sessions

  Monthly Live Demo Sessions    

In our monthly live demos, we will guide you through the requirements of electric power testing and power analysis. We will guide you through the hardware and software included in our eDrive power analyzer solution and answer all your questions. See you online!

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Webinars in English

10 Common Mistakes in Fatigue Analysis

  Wednesday, September 09, 2020       03:00 PM to 04:00 PM (IST)       online

In this webinar, we’ll look at ways to improve your fatigue analysis by exposing common mistakes and showing simple ways to improve your process.

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Webinars by Brüel & Kjær (part of HBK)

Sound Intensity

  Tuesday, January 19, 2021       16:00 PM  CET      online

This session covers an introduction to the Sound Intensity theory and equipment required, as well as the practical setup of the equipment for measurements. An introduction to making Sound Intensity measurements for Sound Power results using the B&K 2270 Sound Level Meter.

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Sound Power Testing with the B&K 2245 Product Nois

  Monday, January 25, 2020       10:00AM ET / 16:00 PM  CET      online

This webinar will review the basic theory of free field microphone-based sound power testing, illustrate the configuration and setup of a test using the Product Noise Partner software, and demonstrate the complete sequence of measurement, analysis, and reporting.

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Shaker Vibration Testing With Inductive Centring S

  Tuesday, January 26, 2021       10:00am ET / 16:00 PM  CET      online

In this webinar you will learn: Current types of sensor technology for armature guidance, the fundamentals of an inductive centering system and benefits when working with an inductive centering system.

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