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Avoid Typical Errors in Strain Gauge Installation

  Tuesday, April 02, 2019       10:00 AM CET       online

The professional setup  of a strain gauge measurement chain requires training and a lot of experience. A wrong installation leads can risk your project and cost a lot of time and money. Therefore we show you how to minimize risks in installation and how to save time.

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Power Analysis on Complex Drives

  Wednesday, April 03, 2019       10:00 AM CET       online

In this webinar, a new power analyzer will be introduced which is designed to be used with very complex applications beyond pure 3 or 6 ph power and efficiency measurements.

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3 Ways to Optimize Your Production with IOT

  Friday, April 05, 2019       10:00 AM CET       online

In this webinar, we discuss how modern measurement technology can make production facilities more cost effective by using precise sensors and signal conditioners. In addition, a live demo of a measurement with ClipX using an intuitive web interface will be shown.

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What you need to know about our webinars

  • What is a webinar?
    The word webinar is a combination of web and seminar: A webinar, as the name implies, is an online seminar, presentation, course or - in some cases - discussion, that aims at teaching the attendees something about the webinar topic.
  • How can I attend one of the HBM webinars?
    Choose a webinar from the list. Click on the title to be directed to a subpage with information on the event and a registration button or directly to the registration page in our online webinar center, called WebEx. Follow the instructions to register for the webinar.
  • Which hardware do I need to attend a webinar?
    You need a computer with an internet connection and speakers or a headset to listen to the presentation.
  • What happens if I have technical problems during the webinar?
    No problem: During the webinar, you can address the presenter or the moderator via the Q&A feature. Your problem will be solved instantly.
  • Can I ask questions during the webinar?
    You can use the Q&A feature to ask questions, which will be answered after the presentation.
  • Do I need to pay for HBM webinars?
    No, all our webinars are free.
  • What if I register, but miss the webinar?
    If you cannot attend the webinar, you usually get the chance to watch a recording of the webinar on HBM.com a few days later. If you're registered, you will also receive an email with more information after the webinar.

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