New driver from measurement technology specialist HBM provides easier integration into LabVIEW

The new LabVIEW driver from HBM Test and Measurement (HBM) provides a convenient way to integrate QuantumX, PMX and MGCplus into LabVIEW. These flexible data acquisition systems from HBM are suitable for use on test benches and provide maximum measurement accuracy.

The device functions are specially designed to ensure user-friendly operation: only eight VIs (function blocks) are needed to acquire data from multiple devices and channels. Easy operability ensures users are quickly guided to the desired measurement results, even those with only basic programming knowledge. VIs with ready-made user interfaces for device scan and channel help make this software extremely convenient for users.

Customers using different data acquisition systems from HBM will benefit from an additional advantage of the LabVIEW driver: General commands such as device scan, channel selection and measuring are the same for all systems. If the hardware changes, there is no need to reprogram these components. Examples and documentation are also available from to help users get started quickly.

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