Common API for .NET-based software

Flexible integration of high-precision HBM data acquisition systems into customer software solutions

HBM Test and Measurement (HBM) has developed a new Common API available free of charge for integrating QuantumX, PMX and MGCplus into .NET-based software. These flexible data acquisition systems from HBM are suitable for use on test benches and ensure maximum measurement accuracy. The term "Common" stands for support of three systems.

All relevant functions of these systems are available for integration into the user's own software through the programming environment. The conveniently configured access to device functions provides significant advantages for the user. General functions such as device scan, channel selection and measuring are the same for all systems. If the hardware changes, there is no need to reprogram these components. In addition, due to their structured and intuitive layout, these functions yield time-saving results and prevent errors. Access to digital inputs and outputs and analog outputs is also available for control and diagnostic tasks.

Download is available at no cost from Examples and documentation are also included in the download package so users can get started quickly and easily.

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