FDA-approved accessories for weighing tasks in Hygienic Design

HBM offers customers FDA-approved gasket rings for various weighing tasks in the food sector.

As the first platform load cell for Hygienic Design with EHEDG certificate, the PW27 from HBM Test and Measurement provides optimal hygienic safety for weighing tasks in the food sector with high weighing accuracy.

In order to meet even the highest of hygienic requirements, HBM now offers various gasket rings, for instance O-rings, made of NBR gasket material. These are characterized by excellent cold flexibility and very good resistance against greases and oils.

In some applications, acids or alkalis are used for cleaning. Gaskets made of EPDM are available here and can be used even under high application and cleaning temperatures. Gaskets for the heads of fastening screws are also available as accessories. These have an external sealing bead made of EPDM elastomer.

All gasket rings are FDA-approved and are therefore optimal installation aids for weighing tasks with Hygienic Design.

HBM offers various gasket rings for EHEDG-appropriate mounting of the PW27 platform load cell
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