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T40B Torque Transducer: Digital Torque Measurement with Nominal (Rated) Torques from 50 Nm to 10 kNm

T40B is outstanding for its precision, reproducibility and robustness and is particularly well suited for static and dynamic torque measurement. The torque transducer features 0.03% accuracy in terms of linearity including hysteresis, as well as high temperature stability. Combined with the integrated magnetic rotational speed measuring system, it allows for power measurement in the drive train. Non-contact power supply and digital signal transmission guarantee fail-safe and maintenance-free operation. The TIM-EC interface module for EtherCAT and TIM-PN for Profinet ensure maximum performance and high flexibility when integrating the torque and rotational speed signals with cutting-edge test bench systems.

  • HBM accuracy class: 0.05
  • Nominal (rated) torque: 50 Nm to 10 kNm

Now with Even Higher Rotational Speed

T40B is now available with an increased rotational speed of up to 23,000 rpm (1 kNm) or 18,000 rpm (2 and 3 kNm).The transducer thus fulfills the changed requirements with respect to speed resistance, e.g. in electric drives.


  • High accuracy of only 0.03% in terms of linearity including hysteresis
  • High temperature stability
  • High accuracy and stability due to ratiometric method of measurement

Cost-effective, high-performance torque transducer for high precision and reproducibility of measurement results in test benches.


  • Digital transmission mission with error detection ensures interference-immune data transmission without loss of accuracy
  • High vibration strength, therefore robust in use

Innovative digital data transmission delivers reliable measured data, even in difficult ambient conditions.


  • Robust, magnetic rotational speed measuring system
  • Analog and digital interfaces for easy integration with different test bench systems
  • Nominal (rated) torques from 50 Nm to 10 kNm
  • Optional: Robust magnetic rotational speed measuring system with reference pulse for acquiring the absolute rotor position

Reliability through maximum flexibility for today’s and future measurement tasks.

Instantly Visualizing Torque Ripple

High rotational speed, high bandwidth, and high accuracy: The T40B torque sensor together with HBM's reliable power analyzers is the ideal setup for any electric power measurement task and enables, for example, instant visualization of torque ripple. 

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CAD Drawings and CAD Models

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Wide Range of Accessories

  • Connection cables for torque, rotational speed and TMC
  • Cable sockets
  • Connection cable

Further information can be found in the data sheet.

Maximize the Investment of Your Torque Transducer

From torque to electric power testing: in this video we will show you how to maximize the investment of your torque sensor by pairing it with the power analyzer of the eDrive series.

We are using a test rig to demonstrate an electric motor test with a torque transducer placed between the drive and the brake. With this test rig, we can control torque and speed to look at the different output states to imitate real world scenarios. To further visualize the benefits of the eDrive system, we have mapped the electrical and mechanical output of an e-motor. Watch the video to check out what it looks like in the software!

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