Torque Measurement Videos

Calibrating a torque transducer using the shunt signal


The calculation of the measurement uncertainty for torque applications


The setup of a torque transducer by means of parameters from the data sheet and from a calibration certificate


Torque Couplings Explained


참고 도서 : 올바른 토크 계측

Rainer Schicker 와 Georg Wegener 의 " 올바른 토크 계측" 도서는 토크 분야에서 세계적 표준입니다.  HBM은 무료로 다운로드 할 수 있는 책을 제공합니다. 특히 다음의 주제를 확인해 보세요

  • 토크 트랜스듀서의 설계, 적용 및 설치
  • 진동 프로세스의 분석
  • 토크 트랜스듀서의 교정


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Characteristic values, accuracy class, thermal influence: Benefit from our practical on-line glossary to look up the most important technical terms in the field of torque measurement.

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Methods of torque measurement in drive train technology

Measuring torque precisely, in particular on rotating parts, places high demands on test bench manufacturers and users.There are two different approaches to determining torque: the direct and the indirect method. How do these methods work?

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