T4A Slip Ring Torque Sensor

Their main application here is traceability to national standards for the measured quantity of torque.

Transducers can be used both in conjunction with hand-held screwdrivers and motorized screwdrivers, but not with impact screwdrivers.

To take the screwing tools, the measurement shaft has an internal square to DIN 3121 at the drive end and an external square to DIN 3121 at the output end. Slip-ring transfer allows all industry-standard amplifiers for strain gauge full bridges to be used.

Key Features T4A

  • Nominal (rated) torques of 5 N•m, 10 N•m, 20 N•m, 50 N•m, 100 N•m, 200 N•m, 500 N•m and 1 kN•m
  • Max. permissible rotation speed 4 000 rpm
  • Torque measurement in any direction
  • Square connections make mounting easy
  • Compact and easy to handle


  • ClipX interface module

For more information, please refer to the data sheet.

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