GEN2tB: Distributable and Stand-Alone Data Acquisition System

From the entry-level DAQ to the high-end transient recorder or even a mix, the GEN2tB is a data acquisition system (DAQ) that grows with your needs. It has two slots and, therefore, is very cost effective for small channel counts but still offers high-end features. Due to its size, it is perfect for portable or even mobile use, while it can also be mounted on a rack for an end-of-line test bench. The GEN2tB DAQ system can be expanded to up to 12 voltage (or current) channels, 16 high-speed sensor channels, like strain gauges or accelerometers, or up to 24 channels, using fiber optical digitizers or any mix of these.

In applications, where lots of channels should be distributed around a large structure or over a test area, the GEN2tB is the perfect match, due to its optical Master/Slave connection that is immune to electrical noise. The DAQ system includes free Perception standard software, which can be installed on as many PCs as needed to control the system and review acquired data.

With the selection of the right input card, the GEN2tB DAQ can be used for versatile applications:

  • Using the basic input cards the GEN2tB can be used to record voltages, or vibrations using IEPE transducers, with up to 16 channels simultaneously at up to 2 MS/s.
  • Using the unique real-time math enabled 1 kV input cards turns GEN2tB into a cost effective, powerful 12 channel power analyzer with realtime power computation and harmonic analysis.
  • With the universal input card GEN2tB can be used in material testing with physical sensors like strain gauges, IEPE sensors or thermocouples using up to 500 kS/s sample rate.
  • The 250 MS/s input cards allow utilization for ultra-fast voltage or strain gauge measurements like “Split-Hopkinson bar” or using the fiber optic digitizers in a real high voltage/high power environment

Powerful mainframe

  • Cost-effective due to the included Perception standard software
  • Compact and lightweight
  • RJ45 or optical Ethernet
  • 100 MB/s streaming to PC
  • Internal SSD with 200 MB/s streaming
  • PTPv2, GPS, and IRIG time synching
  • Optical Master/Slave connection
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A cost-effective yet powerful data acquisition system

Flexible use cases

  • Data acquisition front end for PC
  • Stand-alone data recorder
  • WLAN/4G controlled remote DAQ
  • Multi-mainframe systems up to any channel count
  • Distributed DAQ using optical Master/Slave
  • “Number crunching” front end for 3rd party software, integrated using GEN DAQ API for Windows/Linux
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Flexible usage in the field and mobile in a vehicle or lab

Packaged for your application

  • Packages with 200 kS/s 1000 V amplifier for eGrid applications
  • Packages with 2 MS/s 1000 V amplifier for eDrive applications
  • Packages with 500 kS/s universal amplifier for high-speed mechanical testing
  • Packages with 250 MS/s high-speed amplifier for multi-channel electrical transient recording
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Ready to measure including the software, at an attractive price

Portable, mobile, and stand-alone data recording

The lightweight, rugged construction allows easy transport, using a carrying bag or just an attached belt. With the optional SSD drive, the GEN2tB can also be used as a stand-alone data recorder, with a stunning streaming speed of 200 MB/s to SSD. After setting up the GEN2tB using Perception software, the unit is disconnected from the PC, acquiring data based on triggers, which is perfect for overnight troubleshooting or performing mobile data acquisition in a car or other vehicle.

Product Literature

Title / Description Language
Data Sheets

Datasheet of GEN2tB mainframe including options like CAN FD

English (US)
Operating Manuals
Safety Instructions
Russian, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, French, German, English
Declaration of Conformity

Perception Preview Version 3

This is a special version of Perception allowing interested customers to get used to feature from the „next“ Perception version to become available.

A Preview version contains new features and is tested, but not to the extent of a regular release. It is also not shipped with new hardware but only available as download for customer to test.

Main new features added in this preview:


- FFT export of peak values

- Extended GEN DAQ API : basic setup

- File sharing from mainframe HDD

- BE3200 usability improvements

- RT-FDB for GN1202B and GN810xB

- MDF4 export now includes RT-FDB results

eDrive related:

- GN1202B support

- Space vectors in real time

- Efficiency heat map creation in real time

Date: 08/2018  |  Version: 7.26.18215  |  Size: 413 MB
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Perception Enterprise (1-PERC-E64) is no longer required to run the 64-bit version of Perception. Therefore all Perception versions are available in 64-bit.

This 64-bit version of Perception includes "Full install", "Offline install" and "Free viewer install" - each installation with own set of features.

The Free viewer version of Perception software can be used free of charge.

Please note: Perception now includes the instruments firmware. That means it no longer requires an additional download of the firmware for the GEN DAQ systems.

Date: 03/2018  |  Version: 7.20.18075  |  Size: 398 MB
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