Test and Measurement Solutions for Aerospace Applications

The aviation and space industry has led the way in innovation for more than a century. Groundbreaking developments for military, commercial and business aircraft, spacecraft, rockets, satellites as well as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or advanced air mobility (AAM) are fascinating children and adults and revolutionizing mobility.

HBK is proud to be a long-term partner for many global players, as well as new market entrants, with measurement technology and analysis software, ensuring safe and reliable operation for decades. The range of research and development testing applications where HBK as an industry insider can add value with its reliable and high-quality products is wide. It includes everything around structure (static and fatigue testing, dynamics and ground vibration, impact testing), propulsion (gas turbine, electrical, battery, fuel cell), and complex flight systems (aerodynamics, electrical network, center of gravity, Iron Bird).

Benefit from HBK Test and Measurement Solutions

Choose HBK measurement technology and analysis software and rely on the excellent combination of:

  • Highest dynamics and maximum openness
  • Highest modularity and scalable channel count with best-in-class precision
  • Expert knowledge from aviation and space industry

Supplementary Service and Support

Our service and support team will assist you in all issues regarding your application. Our offer: 

Success Stories of Customers Working with HBK Measurement Solutions

Many global players and new market entrants rely on precise and reliable HBK measurement technology. Our speciality has always been developing innovative products and services to create measurement solutions and data analysis covering customers highest testing requirements. 

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