HBM offers extensive metrological solutions for durability analysis as well as component and structural testing on wind power plants. But we don't leave the customer alone with the product: HBM also offers a wide range of services and contract measurements for drafting offices, manufacturers and operators of wind power plants, both onshore and offshore.

Metrological examination of prototypes

Reliable measurement results are crucial for the ongoing development of prototypes for wind power plants. FE calculations must be validated, while the structure and service life must also be optimized. In this way stable measurement results serve as the basis for cutting costs.

We examine your prototype carefully and perform measurements directly on the object. Our range of services includes developing a measurement concept – from tender specification to selecting the measurement technology. We will also be happy to handle the project management.

Installation is performed in close coordination with other technical crews on site. Our engineers take care of installing and protecting the transducers as well as reliable cable routing. We also handle parameterization of the measurement electronics as well as data acquisition and storage. Finally, our services include documentation and a report.

Weighing plant parts in accordance with DIN EN ISO19901-5

To ensure that the wind power plant reaches its destination safely, we support manufacturers by weighing the plants to determine shipping weights and centers of gravity for plant parts. This facilitates planning and providing for the necessary transport equipment.

Installation of structure-monitoring systems

To monitor wind power plants reliably according to BSH and VDI guidelines, HBM offers comprehensive service in accordance with the complete measuring chain.

Our measurement technology has an eye on your plant – and we have things well in hand: Our service engineers perform contract measurements, install structural monitoring systems and if necessary assume responsibility for project management.

Our service also includes:

  • Coordination of manufacturing processes
  • Installation and protection of transducers
  • Reliable cable routing
  • Parameterization of measurement electronics
  • Offshore start-up
  • Integration into the plant buses (for data storage)


  • 完全定制化的服务,充分满足你的要求
  • 在全球60多个国家的服务网络,即使是跨境项目都可以提供支持
  • 可靠地测试结果和专业的安装
  • 通过技术维护,保证你的投资安全性
  • 60年的技术和经验,测量技术的领导者.

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咨询 HBM 销售工程师



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