Lifter scale from HBM receives approval as a medical product


Approval as a medical product makes it easier to use the SLS lifter scale in combination with patient lifters. Now it is possible to install the lifter scale directly into existing lifters and suspension devices in medical applications.

The battery-powered SLS lifter scale with direct display is available in two different load levels up to 320 kg. With degree of protection IP54 it is insensitive to moisture, thereby fulfilling a significant condition of DIN 10535, which defines the requirements and test procedures for movable and free standing lifters when transporting persons with limited physical mobility. The device has CE marking to indicate it is in conformity with the RoHS II directive 2011/65/EU.

Verified weighers have been required in hospitals under European law since 2003 if medications are dosed according to patient weight. The verified version of the SLS lifter scale meets these requirements and is therefore especially suitable for use in mobile medical applications. In addition to the verified version approved for medical applications, the SLS lifter scale is also available in a non-verified version for private care services

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