Freely Scalable Data Recorder Features up to 5 MS/s Sample Rate

April 2016. Besides autonomous data logging of analog sensor signals in mobile or stationary applications the QuantumX CX22B-W data recorder from HBM Test and Measurement (HBM) offers high flexibility and additional connectors, e.g. for cameras and GPS.

The decentralized, modular CX22B-W is perfectly suited for both small and particularly complex measurement tasks in road tests, such as for road load data acquisition or stationary monitoring tasks in wind turbines, tunnels and bridges.

Whether you acquire mechanical, electrical or thermal measured quantities or vehicle bus data, only one cable is required. This cable connects the measurement modules to the data recorder that autonomously saves the synchronized data at a sample rate of up to 5 MS/s. The software forms the core of this data recorder and provides extensive signal computation functions, frequency analysis, triggers and smart data reduction.

CX22B-W also offers maximum flexibility in terms of parameterization. Parameters can be assigned via a tablet, notebook connected to a LAN or WLAN or encrypted remote access over the mobile network of any PC from anywhere in the world. The data recorder allows for optional connection of video cameras or determination of wheel forces measured by telemetry. GPS sensors or inertial measurement units (IMU) are used for position recording to enable the signal values to be assigned to the corresponding driving situation and location during subsequent data analysis.

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