EVIDAS: HBM's New Data Aquisition Software With Cloud Integration


The new HBM DAQ software EVIDAS Essential is available now. Benefit from one of the major innovations of this software: the HBM Cloud-Storage.

To learn more about the potential of the cloud in measurement technology, download below the white paper: "More than just storage space: What are the potentials of the cloud for future measurement technology?"

More Than Just Storage Space: What Are the Potentials of the Cloud for Future Measurement Technology?

Sensor. Amplifier. Software. This is the “traditional” measurement chain, as used for decades in test and inspection projects, and production and infrastructure monitoring. However, this measurement chain is now changing because of cloud technology. What advantages does cloud technology offer the user? Where can we expect the greatest leaps ahead in terms of efficiency and innovation? And moreover, what are the risks of using this new technology?

From the sensor to the cloud: this is the new measurement chain, which today, in the age of Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things, is coming into being right now. One standard function – already available today in HBM’s EVIDAS test and measuring software – is the storage of measured data in the cloud. But this technology has far more exciting potential than mere data storage. The future of cloud measurement technology lies in the fact that data...

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White Paper: Potentials of the Cloud